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Frequently Asked Questions 

 Do I need to replace my roof in order to get solar?

 One of the most important steps in our process is to have one of our professionals come to your home to perform an inspection to assess the suitability of your roof to support solar panels. If repair or replacement is recommended, we can usually include that cost in the solar financing. We are partnered with professional roofers who work for us, and we offer financing options for roof repairs or replacements.

What happens if I sell my house or move?

Homes with owned solar panels are selling for 4% more than those without, according to studies. Whether or not an appraiser factors in that additional value or not, there is much to be said about the desirability factor that a home with solar presents to the marketplace. If you move, you can either transfer the ownership of the solar panels to the new homeowner or bake the system into the sale of the home.

What kind of maintenance does my solar system require?

Solar systems require very little maintenance due to the absence of moving parts. This means that once installed, your solar panels will require minimal attention. In fact, the only maintenance you may need to perform is an occasional cleaning to remove any dirt or debris that could obstruct sunlight from reaching the panels. Additionally, we offer an app that allows you to easily track your energy usage, ensuring that your solar system is performing optimally.

What happens in a hurricane?

 Solar panels are typically tested to ensure they can withstand a hurricane. Most solar panels are made to survive winds up to 2,400 pascals which equals 140 miles per hour. We can work with you to design a system that is hurricane-resistant and can withstand severe weather conditions.

How do DC Solar pool pumps work?

DC solar pool pumps work by using energy generated by solar panels to power a DC motor. The solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, which is then used to power the pump. The DC motor is more efficient than traditional AC motors and operates at variable speeds to match the needs of the pool. This reduces energy

Is solar bad for my roof?

Solar panels don’t damage your roof when installed properly. We only work with licensed and qualified professionals to install solar panels on your roof, and we also offer roofing services through our partnership with professional roofers who work for us. If you hear of roof damage occurring because of a solar installation, it’s likely because the roof was initially in poor condition. We ensure that your roof is in good condition before installing solar panels to avoid any potential issues.

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